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About Principal@Click

Principal Easy Invest is an online subscription/redemption/switch order services by Principal Asset Management Co.,Ltd. to provide convenience of services and assist transaction execution in a fast and secure mean. You can execute your orders everyday 24 hours and monitor your portfolio under the following conditions:
1.Investors can obtain the fund prospectus at the Fund Prospectus or on
2.The transaction time on Principal Easy Invest is based on the company’s system clock.
3.Subscription/redemption/switch orders must be completely executed by 3.30 PM on the day you wish to execute the orders.
4.Any orders placed after 3.30 PM or on holidays or on non-trading days will be executed on the next business day or next trading day, as the case may be, as specified in the prospectus.
5.Subscription orders may be executed within the same day you place the orders or on the next business day or on the next trading day, as the case may be, depending on the conditions of the fund and the time limit according to the conditions of each bank. You can go to Trading Hours tab to learn more about the bank time condition before entering the Purchase tab.
6.If the company cannot debit the payment for your orders from your specified deposit account or credit card, the company reserves the right to cancel the orders.
7.Unitholders/investors understand that Internet transactions are governed by the Electronics Transactions Law, including other laws and regulations currently enforced and/or to be enforced in the future.